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There are times when we all need that little spark of inspiration, that little bit of positivity to get us on our way, sometimes we know the answers but need someone else to say.

This site, as with The Lessons Learnt Facebook group is about providing some little words to help you on your way!

Johann x

We all need a little inspiration sometimes, little thoughts for the day to motivate and provide the little spark of positivity or sometimes humour.

Johann Muldoon is a multi-award-winning, globally recognised individual who feels immense gratitude for gaining awards for not only her professional contribution, business acumen, inspiring, leading, employing, promoting and inspiring women but also an MBE making history as the youngest and first female architect in Ireland to receive this accolade.

Johann is an architect, a university lecturer, tutor, business mentor, keynote speaker, has established and led numerous business, is the wife of a dairy farmer and mother to 3 young children.

With the creation of her Facebook group, The Lessons Learnt and consequent Charity, Platform NI she believes we should all inspire women to lead, have confidence and to be the best that we can possibly be, sometimes all we need is someone to believe we can.


Because each and every one of us can make a difference…

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